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ROMEO recrute : Postdoc position in computational mechanics, numerical simulation and optimization

MAJ du 15 juillet : le poste est pourvu. Merci aux candidats pour la qualité de leurs CV.


Le Centre de Calcul ROMEO recrute dans l’urgence un Ingénieur de Recherche ou Post-Doc pour 6 mois (une fin de projet)

Un jeune docteur (depuis moins de 2 ans) avec une expérience Abaqus  qui veut prendre en main un projet industriel serait bienvenu.


Postdoc position in computational mechanics, numerical simulation and optimization

A 6 month postdoc position is offered within the HPC center located in the University of Reims. The candidate will work on projects involving numerical simulation, modeling and new domains like 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence driven mechanics.

The main project is an industrial project about computational mechanics, numerical simulation and optimization of metallic tubular parts obtained by stamping and bending with a new material forming process. The project is performed in collaboration with an industrial partner specialized in the manufacturing of tubular metallic parts produced for automotive industry. The objective of this project is to perform numerical modeling and optimization of the forming process. Different numerical and physical parameters need to be adjusted by numerical simulation. The Response Surface Method methodology will be used in combination with Finite Element Method to conduct iteratively several numerical simulations. Abaqus Finite Element software will be used and some Python scripts need to be developed in order to perform numerical simulation and optimization of the process parameters.

The candidate should have a deep knowledge of the finite element method, nonlinear material behavior modeling, Abaqus software, optimization technics, python programming language and computer aided design and engineering.